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        The World's First "CO2 + Flywheel Energy Storage" Demonstration Project to be Unveiled with a Power Storage Capacity of 20,000 kWh after Two Hour Charging


        A blue-and-white building in the shape of a hill is conspicuous in the southeast of the factory of Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. (DTC), a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC). On the ground covering an area of about two and a half soccer fields in size, rows of plants, pipes and cylinders are lined up around the "hill". This is the world's first "CO2 + flywheel energy storage" demonstration project independently developed and designed by DTC.

        "It works as a power bank," said a head of the responsible department of DTC, "with a modular design, an energy storage facility of any capacity can be built to suit your needs."

        The 2022 World Conference on Clean Energy Equipment will be held soon. The project will also debut as one of the demonstration application scenarios at the conference.

        "The power of 20,000 kWh can be stored after a two-hour charging, enough to power more than 60 households for one month." According to the person in charge, the eco-friendly project employs 250,000 m3 of carbon dioxide as the cycle fluid for charging and discharging, so the entire "charging and discharging" process requires no fossil fuels and, in particular, produces no solid waste or carbon emissions. The "power bank" is made up of many flywheels spinning at high speed. Via bi-directional motors, they convert electrical energy into kinetic energy or vice versa, with an extremely rapid response time of milliseconds.

        The project enables the conversion of surplus power to other energy stored in the off-peak period and the reverse conversion in the peak period. Grid fluctuations can be effectively buffered because of the long duration and large scale of CO2 energy storage and the fast response of flywheel energy storage. It not only addresses the challenge of intermittent power supply, but also brings additional power to peak periods of electricity consumption. As an alternative to emergency power limitation, it safeguards the stability of the power grid and the normal power consumption of people's production and life.

            The project differs from other energy storage forms, is green and includes no electrochemical components. Also, it’s slightly limited by  the geographic conditions and features a short construction period. Upon completion, it can provide continuous services for 30 years and maintain a cycle efficiency of over 60%. (Reporter: Wu Ling)

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